Last Day…Chaos…Completion

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Gaffey, Gaftron, Mclovin’ I go by all of these but the story I tell stays the same.

The last day was quite the chain of events. Mr Alan started off in the morning by watching our final from the night prior.  he realized that it just wouldn’t work.  And thus started our second 7-hour-after-school extravaganza.  Mr Alan spent the day coming up with new scenes that were needed, and wrote down a few new voice overs that were critical to our movie flowing, cause it just did not make sense to anyone not familiar with the script.  So we had to get a ton of people out of last block so I guess an 8 hour and 10 minute day haha.  We had to get Cotellessa, Earle, Mary, Dono, out of last period for our crew.  Then we had to get Rory, Flats, Liz Kenny, Lucia with help from extras Tim Roberts, Jake Cerda, and Little Kenna (the crew from Big School Hustlas, BTW) to get it all done.  We had to film some fillers for explaining why Sarah was upset at Eddie, voice overs to help ease some scene transitions, and a new scene to show its affects on Mark.  Not to mention that my now normal length hair gets to make an appearance.  Haha. Alan did tell me to not get a hair cut, but try having long poofy, curly, uncontrollable hair.  It took me an extra like 10 minutes to get it to dry, and good luck styling that into anything, well with like two handfuls of extreme gel it did help me become Nick Diablo from Disco Inferno but I digress.  Then after filming that we realized that our Tagline, “Magic is not Eternally binding when it comes to love”,  didn’t sound just right, so we got Mr. Connor to do a quick voice over on that line.  By now it is 4 o’clock and need to edit and get this movie done asap.  We had a good system in place for this, after we shot one scene, we’d bring the tape to Alan who would import and edit while we filmed the next shot.  This meant that when we got down with all the new shots we already had them imported and sub-clipped.  I had to run and drop off a scholarship as well as grab my concert clothes as I knew it was going to be a long night.  So as I made my perilous journey to my house and the post office, Liz, Lucia, and Rory got to work getting those scenes in place and ready to go.  When I got back it was editing time.  We placed all the scenes and did another shuffle to the order of events( I think we had to do that about 4 times haha, we almost hit a Falker level of audience I feel).  It was by now 5:30 and everyone knows that that means Piz-Za time.  We hit up Leo’s again and got Bacon, a film tradition, and the classic cheese. yummm, brings me back to robotics staying til 9 everyday and eating pizza with a nice mountain dew, totally up there for greatest drink ever.  I digress.  We ate til 6:15 and it was a final push.  We needed more music in the movie.  So onto a great scavenger hunt for the right songs.  Coincidently, Realization was our song and so imported into Final Cut it was.  I faded it in faded it out and then the movie was in place for 6:30.  Julie Fortin and I then watched the film and took notes.  it now actually made sense when watched in one setting unlike when we just threw all the scenes together.  Great feeling it is when the movie is done.  Of course Emily wasn’t there so we had to wait for her to get back from the lax game to watch what we had done to her movie.  She got back at 7:15 and so I changed and ran to the school concert warm up area as she watched the final cut in Final Cut the 2nd to last stage.  She made a slight change or two mostly, with getting ambient noise in the right spots at the right level. Then the movie was Wrapped!  It was then exported to Quick Time and Emily and Earle, back from Jazz Band’s performance , started to watch it.  At this time Eric Garr and myself showed up since we were no longer needed in the Cafe and watched up until to a key plot point and then we had to go perform.  The movie is all done and sitting pretty.  The nights were long but worth it in 

Finishing Up

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Love No Magic

Gaffey here with the last blog before the due date woo.  We’ve put the two halves of our movie together today and are placing the final music touches on it.  

In the time while our director, slacker Emily, was away in Costa Rica we got the final cutaways, added music to most of the movie, and finished up the special effects.

I must say the magic in this movie is quick colorful and awesome, and I’m not just saying that because I made them haha.  Our crew spent today debating whether or not 

we wanted to have our title be Pink and Green or just Green.  We’ve settled on just Green to be all symbolic like of a forest.  Overall I say our crew is quite proud of our movie and it 

is all magic with a hint of love.

Peace out and see you all at the poetry reading.

Switch to Dono

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Love no magic is quickly finishing up filming.  We only have a few more scenes left to do.  We’re being more efficient now with a system of having people editing 

while the final scenes are shot.  We’ve finished our big end scene and I must say Justin is quite humorous in it.  He even took a bite out of Donovon cause he

is what is for dinner.  Gaffey is hard at work with special effects hopefully bringing the magic to life on the big auditorium screen. —>this is emily now, it’s magic.

 As of now all of the  movies are rapidly coming to a close and no one can mess with year 7, everything is sooo good.  Our last minute switch to Dono ended up 

being one of our best decisions He’s been pulling through every time, endured vicious attacks from some of our other actors (as Gaffey mentioned earlier in the blog).

Garr also has been showing us some of the music he’s been working on and so far it its really good.  Hmm things are getting stressful in here but i think everyone will

pull through.  Until next time, Emily 

<3, X * out

Alan’s WTH?

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After Mr. Alan’s WTH? speech, all of the crews really stepped it up. We got our act together and found out what we needed. We wrote out which scenes we had and which ones we were missing. Also, a lot more staying after and editing has been done. We’ve really stepped up our game. Scenes have been a little twisted only to benefit our production and a lot of things seem to be coming together. On Saturday, a day well spent was dedicated to filming our montage. We had some lack of dedication it seemed, but we are working around our obstacles, so nothing to worry about. We are very pleased with our buzz and hope to keep the good word about us. Justin and Mary continue to be quite compatible on screen and Earle and Gaffy are excellent variations of each other in the film. Emily and I have been working hard as directors and editors, and Dave has been super helpful with editing, also. Pretty much, I’d say we are definitely a movie to look out for. 

Kthxbi – LG

Scheduling is almost as annoying as my hair

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Gaffman checking in for the blog.  Our film is filming away basically going everyday from now until Friday the 13th(dun dun dun).  Our schedule has changed so often that it has gotten hard to keep track but I think we’ve managed to fix it all up.  We finally got our big magic scene done and I can tell you its nasty, our decision to go with stop motion animation chose to be a great idea as the magic moves seamlessly across the screen.  I’m not much of a fan of coffee but I will say I’m quite thrilled with our rating of a Grande cup of black iced coffee, not as awesome as say a can of Mountain Dew but it’s all good.  let’s just hope we can finish up our shooting film because I am counting down the days until I can finally get a haircut.

            Gaffey out!

The Buzz

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This is another movie pushing the limits of the film festival. Complete with elaborate costumes and sets, this movie is also trying to pull off some pretty cool special effects too. I really like the makeup of this crew. Both Emily and Lauren are veteran directors who know what they’re doing behind the camera—and know what they want. Earle and Gaffey are great in their roles, but the surprise might be the last-minute addition of Justin Flynn. Justin originally agreed to be a part of the crew because he misheard me and thought I asked him to be an editor, but in reality I was asking him to play the nerdy character Eddie. It was only after I assured him that I didn’t think he was a nerd but rather could act like a nerd for the movie that he signed on. So far, their stuff looks solid. The people who know about this movie love the idea and are very excited to see it. It’s Buzz keeps growing as more and more people catch on.  

Buzz Analysis: Grande cup of black iced coffee.

Mr. Conor’s Mystical Garden

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We’ve been working mostly on scenes in Mr. Conor’s office for the past couple days. We stayed after school from 9:15 AM to past 2:30PM. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is. We decorated his office with intense vines and flowers and very earthy things. It came out amazing. And the costumes…wow. Mr. Conor has been really easy and fun to work with, and we are lucky to have him be apart of our movie. When Emily, Earle, Brian, and I film, Dave has been very helpful with subclipping and editting. Right now on this wicked short day (one hour delay and half day suckahhh), Dave is importing, Emily and Gaffy are editting, and Earle is working on music. Pretty much, we rock.

Filiming is on

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We’re now a few weeks into filming our prodegy.  With the intense dedication of the cast and crew of the film, the outcome of this will be so out of control that some may not be able to handle its awesomeness.  Being an editor, I feel like i haven’t done much for the film yet but seeing whats going on with the rest of the crew, it is very easy to tell that this movie is going to be comparable in success to such films as “Saving Private Ryan”, or even maybe “Lord of the Rings”.   -Daave

Justin hits his stride

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Gaffinator here, reporting in on our process of building a robot…I mean movie.  We shot our first scene yesterday ending in a great success.  The choice to make Justin our lovable nerd seems to be a good choice as he took to his debut with stride. The shooting took all of our shortened due to snow class but it was worth it getting all the angles and character mannerisms just right.  In short, the film is off to a great and funny start and hopefully we can keep up with the nerdiness for the next scene with Justin.  Gaffey out!

Happy Earle

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Hello reader. I’d like to start out by saying that the film class was just informed that there is a……SNOW DAY TOMORROW! WOOOHOOO!!! Ok, sorry I just had to get that out. Back to bizz. Love, No Magic is in gear. We’re still working on Pre-production, but we’re ready to start filming. We got Mary Erwin, Brian Gaffey, Justin Flynn, Davis Butts, and myself on board. Try to tell me that’s not an all-star cast. Lauren Glynn will be transferred into our class at the dawn of Semester 2, and Nectarine couldn’t be happier. Emily Cotellessa is in charge right now. Her diligence and organization is very helpful. We’ve got ideas for stop-motion special effects and whimsical wardrobe. In addition, we picked up Eric Garr to score our sound track, and that’s a serious bonus. Kid’s a musical genius. Well, until next time, this is Earle Donahue and Nectarine signing out.