The Buzz

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 10.58.48 AM

This is another movie pushing the limits of the film festival. Complete with elaborate costumes and sets, this movie is also trying to pull off some pretty cool special effects too. I really like the makeup of this crew. Both Emily and Lauren are veteran directors who know what they’re doing behind the camera—and know what they want. Earle and Gaffey are great in their roles, but the surprise might be the last-minute addition of Justin Flynn. Justin originally agreed to be a part of the crew because he misheard me and thought I asked him to be an editor, but in reality I was asking him to play the nerdy character Eddie. It was only after I assured him that I didn’t think he was a nerd but rather could act like a nerd for the movie that he signed on. So far, their stuff looks solid. The people who know about this movie love the idea and are very excited to see it. It’s Buzz keeps growing as more and more people catch on.  

Buzz Analysis: Grande cup of black iced coffee.


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