Alan’s WTH?

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 11.01.26 AM

After Mr. Alan’s WTH? speech, all of the crews really stepped it up. We got our act together and found out what we needed. We wrote out which scenes we had and which ones we were missing. Also, a lot more staying after and editing has been done. We’ve really stepped up our game. Scenes have been a little twisted only to benefit our production and a lot of things seem to be coming together. On Saturday, a day well spent was dedicated to filming our montage. We had some lack of dedication it seemed, but we are working around our obstacles, so nothing to worry about. We are very pleased with our buzz and hope to keep the good word about us. Justin and Mary continue to be quite compatible on screen and Earle and Gaffy are excellent variations of each other in the film. Emily and I have been working hard as directors and editors, and Dave has been super helpful with editing, also. Pretty much, I’d say we are definitely a movie to look out for. 

Kthxbi – LG


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