Switch to Dono

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 11.02.14 AM

Love no magic is quickly finishing up filming.  We only have a few more scenes left to do.  We’re being more efficient now with a system of having people editing 

while the final scenes are shot.  We’ve finished our big end scene and I must say Justin is quite humorous in it.  He even took a bite out of Donovon cause he

is what is for dinner.  Gaffey is hard at work with special effects hopefully bringing the magic to life on the big auditorium screen. —>this is emily now, it’s magic.

 As of now all of the  movies are rapidly coming to a close and no one can mess with year 7, everything is sooo good.  Our last minute switch to Dono ended up 

being one of our best decisions He’s been pulling through every time, endured vicious attacks from some of our other actors (as Gaffey mentioned earlier in the blog).

Garr also has been showing us some of the music he’s been working on and so far it its really good.  Hmm things are getting stressful in here but i think everyone will

pull through.  Until next time, Emily 

<3, X * out


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